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ComRes interviewed 251 HR Managers, Managers and Senior HR Decision Makers at British companies with 50 or more employees online between 17 and 20 February. ComRes also interviewed 984 British Workers online between 17 and 19 February 2017.


Respondents for our survey of workers are drawn from a nationally representative sample of British adults aged 18+. Data for our survey of workers is weighted by age, gender and region to be representative of all British adults aged 18+. Respondents were filtered to exclude all respondents working at Director equivalent level or above, and to exclude retired people, unemployed, students, or people working in unpaid roles including family caring and volunteering


Respondents for our survey of HR Managers, Managers and Senior HR Decision Makers were filtered to include people at companies with 50 employees or more, and to remove respondents working for faith based organisations. Data were weighted to be representative of all UK businesses by number of employees. We have referred to this audience as HR Managers throughout the report for simplicity.


It’s important to note that survey respondents were gathered from the general public and not from specific workplaces; we didn’t ask HR Managers and employees working in the same organisation about their experiences there. We recommend strongly that employers do pursue this model of internal research to help identify live discrepancies between levels of understanding in a particular workplace.


Neither did we delve into the experiences of people who shared a particular belief. Our sample was nationally representative and so may have masked responses from a faith group who experience more discrimination than others. Again, this is an area we recommend faith communities research further.


Full data tables are available here.



During the last six months, as we have been developing our thinking in this area, we have met with hundreds of faith and business leaders, and professionals in a wide range of sectors, many of whom have shared with us their workplace experiences.


While we didn’t carry out formal qualitative interviews, the intelligence we have gathered through these conversations has been strikingly consistent and we draw on it heavily throughout this report.


Quotes supplied are based on a wide range of comments we heard along similar lines, and have been anonymised and reframed to avoid identifying an individual.

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